Outdoor Activities You Should Do in Spring!

Outdoor Activities You Should Do in Spring!
What are you doing staying indoors? We’ve finally got clear skies, sunny days and grass shooting all around! Nature is at its best and needs to be experienced.
Not sure where to get started? Here’s a list of the tons of things you can do this season.
No one is too old to go out for a casual ride on a bike. Remember how you used to love going around the neighborhood with your friends when you were a kid? The streets are still there. Get out there and pedal!
Kite flying
Another classic, childhood game, there were even competitions held. Did you join any of them? It makes a great bonding activity with your kids, if any or with your nephews and nieces! They might protest at first but they’ll love you in the end. Look for materials and a wide, open, grassy space.
Head to the nearest mountain where you can detach from the urban jungle and its worries as you lose yourself in the beauty of Mother Earth. Science has proven spending time in the natural world is therapeutic, relieving stress and improving overall health.
Even the night has something to offer. When was the last time you laid on your back and stared in wonder at the stars? The realization of how vast the universe is in such a quiet setting is a good way to strike up deep and meaningful conversations with friends and significant others.
Rock Painting
Bright colors, ladybugs and cartoon characters always bring a smile to people’s faces. Douse your home with playfulness and search for big pieces of rock. Adults can have wholesome fun with paint, too.
Your dog can join in on this one! It’s simple but is undeniably a good exercise for anyone and easily brings lots of laughs. Just make sure your dog won’t bury it in a hole somewhere, especially a neighbor’s garden. Hold the game at the park so there’s no danger of running into the street.
Gardening and landscaping
The weather at this time of the year is the most nourishing for growing shrubs, flowers, fruits and veggies. It’s time to reconnect with your green thumb. If landscaping sounds too next level for you, start with easy-to-maintain plants and keeping your grass lush.
Decided on an activity yet? There’s so much more you can do. Take your pick from our list or get creative! The world is out there waiting for you to step out and breathe in the fresh air.